Patient Case Studies by Dr. Eric Grossman

Clinical scenario:

40 something year old s/p anterior total hip performed by outside surgeon 6 weeks ago involved in motor vehicle accident with resultant femur fracture around her total hip and de-stablization of the femoral prosthesis.

Hip revision performed through ANTERIOR APPROACH with cables placed to reduce fracture and placement of revision femoral prosthesis.

  • anterior-total-hip-before ImageBefore
  • anterior-total-hip-after ImageAfter

40 something year old after total knee replacement that stiffened post operatively with extremely limited range of motion of 25 degree contracture to 90 degrees of total bend. Physical therapy was not helping and pain was constant. She was unable to return to work.

She required revision total knee surgery. Her X-rays are shown below. At her 2 week post visit (video below) she was able to fully straighten and bend to greater than 110 degrees. She continues to improve and return to normal life including working again.

  • total-knee-replacement ImageBefore
  • total-knee-replacement ImageAfter

60 something year old woman with severe left hip pain. X-ray demonstrated collapse of the femoral head (ball) requiring total hip replacement.

  • severe-left-hip-pain ImageBefore
  • severe-left-hip-pain ImageAfter

80 something year old with severe values (knock-knee) arthritis losing ability to walk and and in severe pain.

Robotic assisted, cemented total knee performed with straightening of leg deformity and significant pain reduction.

  • knock-knee ImageBefore
  • knock-knee ImageAfter
  • knock-knee ImageAfter


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